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When a potential match is found, you send them a message — just like you would on an online dating site. Members can also participate in local and national events, like mixers, wine tastings, vineyard tours, speed dating, singles cruises, and trips to destination cities like Las Vegas. Prospective clients can call the matchmaker directly, or fill out a short online contact form.

Members pay a lump sum up front, and then a monthly fee to access the local singles database. Great Expectations cost varies by client. I was so disgusted she would say that. What does she tell the men? Then, she could tell I was down for the count and she took my credit card and my driver's license for "verification" purposes and the next thing I knew she had already ran the transactions.

I'm thinkin' what the heck happened?!?!? She kept saying that I would feel better the next day because I was making such a great decision to start my life and that I was doing something so wonderful for myself. Thankfully, both contracts have a 3-day rescission period.

I'm hand-delivering my letter today with the materials they gave me. I'll let you know how it goes. Nunya , 18 Apr After being subjected to the high pressure sales tactics to sign a contract with Great Expectations on March 31, I hand-delivered my notice of cancellation - returning the materials and demanding a refund within the 3-day cancellation period. Today I received my full refund of everything I paid!!!

Not So Great Expectations: Dating Site Returns Thousands For Lack Of Dates

If you would like to know how I did it, let me know. I'd be glad to help. Kristine , 19 Apr 7: Please tell me how you did it so that I can help my many contacts. They had me quit my career job to "help" people find true love I thought that would be just the most fun I am very happy for you I don't think GE is a lawless company, so in this case they were stopped by Arizona's 3-day cancellation law.

What they are is a bunch of salesmen who will promise you the moon, but when there's no delivery they make certain to have it covered in the fine print. Kristine , 20 Apr 7: I was a salesperson for GE and I know the stall tactics that we used so that clients did not get to use their 3 days. I just thought is there another way? I am willing to give any information that you need I really thought this was a way to help people I learned very quickly what this business truly was all about I gave up my "career job" as a store manager only to be laid off after only 30 days of employment.

These people really screwed me over. I feel badly for everybody I signed up and I feel bad for everybody who has been taken advantage by this company. Susan Jenkins , 5 Jan 5: Please email me any info you can in regards to how I can get a refund. It has been beyond the 3 day cancelation which the Atlanta office doesn't honor. Do you know of any lawsuits or how to go about getting my money back? Nunya , 22 Jan 4: Did the contract notify you of your 3 day right to recision?

If not, some states say you have much longer than 3 days if they failed to do so. Nunya , 23 Apr I poured over the contract with a fine-toothed comb and found both in the finance contract and the contract they had me sign with them - there was a three-day cancellation period.

I made sure that it was hand-written and that I hand delivered it and made the person sign a delivery receipt. In the letter I also referenced the Arizona statute governing dating contracts which also states a 3-day cancellation period. I cancelled the debit card they used so they could not use my number for any future payments. They sent me a refund before the 30 days was up. If you need proposed language for the letter, I can email it to you. The Arizona statutes governing dating contracts are: ARS through My email is goddess.

My recommendation if there is no 3-day cancellation period in your state would be to contact your attorney general's office. Please tell me how you did it. I just signed up today and after reading all these blogs I am ready to fold and cry.

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I am not interested in using their services at all. I live in TX and there is no 72 hours cooling off period.

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Where do u live, if you don't mind me asking? How did you do it? I called them the next day and they refused to grant me a refund. I wrote them a letter of membership cancellation and request to reverse charges. I had it notorized and sent certified mail. I have received the certified delivery receipt yet.

I've also opened a case the day after I signed up with my CC charge dispute dept. They just sent me forms to fill out yesterday. Whitney , 22 Dec 7: I'd love to know how you did this. I'm dealing with the credit card company now who says they have a receipt signed by me Michael , 26 Dec 9: Whitney, GE was able to charge me CC again at the end of last year even though I had canceled that card and had another one issued.

I ended up scheduling to take them to small claims court. In the beginning they acted like they were going to show up, but a few weeks before the court date their attorney called wanting to settle for the full amount. He stated that he did not want the issue to go to court.

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I still incurred costs fighting them, but I regard those as penalties for my stupidity. Talk to your municipal court about the small claims process. Anyone interested in suing Great expectations with me in TX. We can split the costs and hopefully recoup the money we paid them.

Please email me if you are interested. Kristine , 23 Apr 3: Just a quick note I finally found an attorney here in Minnesota who is going to help me. He believes that they hired me fraudulously He asked me if there was any unhappy clients out there I'm in Arizona, but if your attorney would like a written statement or affidavit from me, let me know.

I wish I could figure out a way to help more people. I remember how bad I felt when I was pressured I don't want it to happen to other people. You are acting like true americans. If something doesnt work out for you, just sue. If you dont like something about your life, just sue. Sick, pathetic losers the whole lot of you.

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Kristine , 24 Apr 5: Thank you so much. I am just looking for a way to not just help me but those that I pressured. I live with really alot of guilt because I worked for these people. I will ask my attorney what he needs or if it would be helpful. I know that the laws are different from state to state but I wouild imagine that information is information.

Yesterday he told me if he could prove fraudulant practices regarding hiring he might be able to prove other fraudulant practices. I will not rest until they have been closed down. I had found their website and filled out a Free on-line application for Great Expectations. After it was complete, it informed me that a rep would get back to me in a few days She asked me a few questions over the phone about my MAN preferences and about my interests. She then informed me that they had an opening the next day for my Photo-shoot and to go into more detail about me for my impending profile.

I was told to bring a picture ID and financial proof because they do backgroud checks to make sure people aren't married. She also informed me that they do criminal background checks on people because they certainly don't want any felons in the service. I informed her that I could not come in the following day, but could come in 3 days later. She did set up my appointment time and I inquired about the fee, for which she replied, "oh, we don't get those prices up here, and they have so many different packages to choose from, that it would be hard for me to tell you that.

Yes, a RED flag went up at that point, but I still played the game with her.

She then had her Manager get on the phone with me to verify me appointment and I also asked her how much it would cost. Her comment convinced me NOT to go to my appointment, she stated, "well, I don't see any problem with our fees, and as long as you're not living in a "card-board box" somewhere, you can afford it. We have so many different packages to choose from!! I also went on this website and read about all the people who have been victims. I feel very sorry for all of you who have lost all of your money to this company.

There should be a law against this.

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Especially when it is so hard earned. This company needs to stop preying on poor innocent people.

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I am 51 and am looking for love like the rest of you, but we don't have to stoop to this level and these companies need to know this. Research before you sign any contract. With all the available web-sites out there, it should not be too hard to do your own detective work. Good luck with finding your Mr. Thanks for your post, Sandy, which capsulized some of the problems with GE. As for the cost, the rep was correct that there are many packages.