110 matchmaking

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New Posts Popular Forum. GO again recently and started getting these high pings.

The engineers get triggered when you talk about engineering... lulz

I am now on wired and getting these high pings. Here is a speedtest. Have you ever heard of MM Server picker?

It is a tool which blocks you from connection to particular server locations. Try to download it and check few times what ping you got on every single location. I just tried it, and using 'status' command in the console while in a Deathmatch game, it did show that I connected to West Coast server, but was still getting ping. TY for replying btw. Within MM Server Picker, I clicked "Refresh All Servers" multiple times to check if ping was constant for West Servers, and it would stay at 85ms, then rise to 99 for 2 seconds, then go back down to Last edited by MooTaw ; 21 Apr, Is your ping that high all day long?

I actually played at around 2 AM, and I was getting 98 - ping. And I was playing with my friend, who lives in the same area as me, and he gets a constant ping like I used to. Do you and your friend using the same internet provider? Do you have any applications in background which may make your ping higher? He is with Shaw, and I'm with Telus. We have the exact same plan actually, and he seems to get a better ping on his speedtest with 9 ping. Here are his results: What AW tried to implement was not MMR but a half baked solution which was dommed before it even began testing.


Status Update—Fixes to Preferential Matchmaking

I watched a video about that like one year ago but can't find it back. Too bad because it debunks the myth 'AW did it and didn't work'. We should all try not to spread false information, because MMR in WoT could very well work not that I care personaly, but it's worth at least Sandboxing.

World of Tanks -- 110 - 14 kills

And you think the WoT developers can do a better system that works well? The one in Teambatltes does seem to work nicely yes that one is based on WG's PR rating, you'll fight teams who are roughly equal in PR , so if you really want that, it's there already, just not in randoms. But not sure how people would feel if better players get rewarded even more then they are already.

I wonder how long it will take WG to admit that they have made the MM worse over the last couple of patches. I know it was not their intention and I fully understand the problems they were trying to fix by introducing the template MM, in fact it has fixed those problems. In fact I don't think the issue is the template idea rather the way the MM implements it.

The [Edited] 110 and tier VIII matchmaking

WG have stated and reasserted on several occasions that they think the template is the best and most "fun" match type and that the MM will move heaven and earth to make as many matches as possible fit this template. It is this prioritising of the above all other match setups that is wrecking the MM right now.

For every 3 top tier tanks in a match the MM needs to hoover up 5 mod tiers and 7 bottom tiers to make it's preferred setup this has resulted in increasing the number of matches where you will be bottom tier, it has to since it needs to find 7 cannon fodder Tanks for each game. Since there is nothing higher than tier 10 to draw off tier 10 tanks, tier 8s get thrown into bottom tier game after bottom tier game, if you are trying to grind a tier 8 life really sucks right now. On it's own this would be just about tolerable, after all if you are bottom tier you could just try and avoid engaging the top tiers directly and play the support role.

However that is easier said than done due to 2 other issue in the game, Power Creep and Map design. Now these have been known issues for a while but when combined with this new MM the 3 issues together are what is really starting to ruin things. The problem with the maps is widely known but the it seems that the changes done to the maps, the new maps added and the older maps removed are making it worse. The problem is that most amps now seemed designed to funnel tanks of particular classes to particular points all HTs go to area A and MTs to are B ect.

The places where bottom tier tanks could go to effectively support the top tiers without getting deleted by the enemy top tiers have been removed from the maps making it that much harder to play the support role effectively. Then we have power creep not OP premiums , it seems that the gap in power between the tiers is slowly widening, the curve also seems to be exponential so the higher up the tiers you go the worse it gets.

So when the map design forces bottom tier tanks into a position where they have to face higher tier tanks they are less able to at least put up a credible fight. The simplest and quickest fix for this issue would be to simply change the priority the MM gives to the different battle templates.

Perhaps should be the default with and Same Tier being joint 2nd, perhaps should be the last resort only used when nothing better can be found. Maybe the MM should try to create as many single tier matches as possible.

There are many combinations but pretty much all of them would be better than the current priority. Obviously the best solution would be to sort out all the issues, better maps design, rebalance the tiers for power and a new properly thought out MM system, but that is a lot of time and effort and a lot of things to get wrong so simply changing the MM priority would alleviate the issue for the time being until a better more permanent solution could be implemented.

Clan War Matchmaking Improvements - Page

Slyspy, on 09 November - Why not have a respawn mode? Why not introduce a team-deathmatch style gamemode where the first team to a set number of kills wins - which obviously introduces respawning. Community Forum Software by IP.

Search Advanced Search section: Bisquik Posted 07 November - I also found under the old system that being a the only tier 8 in a tier 10 game happened a lot, and very rarely did you see more than 4 or 5 bottom tier tanks IMO. Here is that chart again: Stohne Posted 07 November - Vukila Posted 08 November - Its solely designed not to increase the variety during battles but to give all different types of players a chance to win regardless if they actively participate or not. Same tier battles would be the ideal scenario. MM is so bad Fair game not even capable of penetrating weakpoints.

Eleiyas Posted 08 November - I made a thread asking how to play it, because I was getting blown up after barely leaving spawn, but even after taking all of the advice into account, I'm still unable to enjoy it: