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The Korean entertainment industry has never seen a year that was more eventful than Packed full of scandals and tragedies, it seemed that fans could barely recover from one shocking news before something else shook the industry to its knees. Marriage, dating scandals, new relationships, and breakups were abundant this year. Recently, Chinese media reported that the two were spotted shopping for baby clothes and the unconfirmed couple had moved in together in Shanghai. Two months later, the ZE: Currently, the band and the managing company are allegedly on amiable terms after long discussion and meeting.

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The leader is currently promoting as a DJ and had his first showcase in November. It's probably because my parents are super close in age.

As long as one isn't manipulating the other, who cares? If you have a problem, don't date someone way older than you. Not important but there are so many Minwoos. Lee min woo is a cutie. And since when is anybody's dating life other people's business.

[K:OP-ED] 2014: Tragedies, Relationships, Scandals, and Departures

Geez, aren't we past the era where age, height, weight, etc. Where did i say that all i care is about looks?

But you won't go on a date with some guy that you consider to be some ugly motherfucker. I know age does matter, but seriously if they in love each other what would you expect?

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If minwoo loves dating women around that age you wont let him do that? And I don't think that's really a problem whether she is ugly or not. Lee Min Woo gives us short guys hope. Sure fellas, be proud of something you put 0 effort in. Thank your parents and continue to hate on a short guy who is more successful than you and dating a model. How's that height treating you? Yeah, I don't get why people get so bitchy about celebrities spending the money they earned. It's not like they robbed the fans. I know it's average but in fashion industry if she could manage her height and have some good covers, poses and walk, she will be just like kate moss.

I can speak from experience when I say that age does not matter. If two people love each other it honestly does not matter. Many woman date older man because they are mature and have already found their place in society and stuff. They give the sense of security while other man the same age are still far away from that. Let the two date happily. At least I am wishing them the best. It looks as if we'll get dating news everyday until the end of the year, huh? I mean you realise if you get into a relationship with that guy you will fuck with him? D You wanna tell me you fuck someone you consider fucking ugly?.

Looks are important and are the first thing you see in a person. As long as none of them is underage, no one should give a crap,about those things.

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  4. Tuesday, March 26, 2013.
  5. Different people have different preference. We can't control people to date whoever. For me, age is just a number. I can't see myself dating someone shorter and I'm only No one can control me to date someone shorter. I am the one who decide. What's wrong with people.. He 35, she 25, but sorry at this age we have some balance to judge our own life, no need of others. What makes me happy is that at least you can not say that the fans are crazy just because these comments are almost all negative towards him.

    If all men were like Minwoo this would a really good life XD. If age didn't matter why don't they just date older women..? I'm 28 and I wouldn't mind dating someone 10y younger than me! But his height is his only flaw tbh. He's hot, cute, athletic, can sing, rap, compose songs and is a fun guy. I mean, he is really near perfection so height doesn't really matter if someone like Minwoo wanted to date me XD then again, I'm biased towards him so hehe.

    I'm just happy that he found someone he likes! Really he is that short? I mean I am not Shinwa and I don't really follow them. I only knew he is the shortest member of Shinwha but I though he was like cm. I'm just so glad I am short so I won't have to worry about having a shorter boyfriend lol. I like the typical tall guy- short girl combination for me. But of course I don't judge others. Good luck to their relationship.

    That means he'd be only 18 though There's a difference between an age difference at 25 and one at The age difference is never the issue imo, it's their actual ages. I am not talking about acne. Not holes on the surface of the skin, but holes to show you are sickly! How can acne scar show you are sick??? Please live another 10 years till you are 22 years old before leaving a comment! So true omg Men who date women who are way younger then themselves are so gross to me. And don't forget most relationships with a huge age gap are not healthy at all.

    As a Shinhwa fan, I'm happy for him.

    Shinhwa and the 7 Awkward Moments | Chienna

    Though I do wonder if this is something he wanted to go public or not.. I hope the other members are all dating someone happily, too. It's time to get married, guys. Who cares about age anyways?? It's not like she's 15 and he's They're adults so they can love whoever they want. Whatever next top model is always supposedly dramatic on purpose. Since there aren't that many women same age or older who aren't married already..

    Shinhwa Members Talk About Their Dating Styles

    Well sorry to burst your bubble but not everyones faces are round or fluffy. You seem to think that if your face isn't like that they are underweight etc, even thought your face can be what ever since genetics.. This is definitely a happy news! Have a happy relationship minwoo ajussi! When men themselves might be wrinkly and much older looking too. OK she is ugly but at least look what she have got now a good looking boyfriend Don't be jely honey. From height difference to age difference, she ends up dating a has-been idol. Why people always got age as a matter in relationship? I used to date someone 16 years older than me and that's not a big deal. Loool look at all these jealous people.. He's '79er and he's a lot maturer and knows her better than all these people so let them be.. Minwoo is a known fashionista so I'm not surprised tbh. Meh, even a mature 18 year old is still only At 18 you're still in high school or just graduated.